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Terms and Conditions

NEW CUSTOMERS    Kindly fill in the Become a Customer form to get your exclusive Customer Code for future business and access to the Commercial section of our Website.  

A 20% deposit (up to 500.00$) must accompany each new order.  The balance of the invoice must be paid for upon delivery, by Visa, Mastercard, interact, Bank Transfer or Cash.

For subsequent orders :  credit terms will be determined by the choice of terms you have chosen and the Credit Report Rating.  Please make sure you give the necessary Bank information if you have chosen to ask for Credit terms.
The usual Payment terms offered by our company are:

C.O.D.- Payable on delivery, by Cash, Visa or Mastercard, interac and Bank Transfer.

PAYMENT ON RECEPTION OF THE GOODS – regular cheque, same day.
PAYMENT ON RECEPTION OF THE GOODS – regular cheque, postdated 15 days.
PAYMENT ON RECEPTION OF THE GOODS – regular cheque, posdated 30 days.

NET – 15 days  from the date of the invoice.
NET – 30 days  from the date of the invoice.

A 1.5% monthly interest charge is added to past due accounts. Please refer to the
Become a Customer form to be informed of all applicable conditions of sales.


NSF CHEQUES   25.00$ replacement cheque charge is to be added to the amount due in case of a returned cheque, whatever the reason for the refused payment may be.    
GST and PST   Both taxes apply to sales made in the province of Quebec.  For the other Provinces, taxes will show according to each province n Canada.  Taxes amounts are clearly indicated separately on your invoice.  
TRANSPORT   All orders meeting the regional minimal required for a particular region will be sent “freight prepaid“ .  Because they are « oversized » certain items may bring on additional charges.  The price list indicates this possibility when applicable and you will also be informed when it occurs.  Please refer to the following guide to know  the minimum applicable to your own shipping address.  
REGION   MONTREAL, QUEBEC, OTTAWA, TORONTO :                             400.00$  
REGION    OUTSIDE OF THE ABOVE-MENTIONED CITIES:                           500.00$   
REGION    NEWFOUNDLAND                                                                          1200.00$  
CLAIMS   Claims for “shortage” must be reported within three (3) days of the reception of the goods.  “Damages”  should ne notified on the delivery slip when the goods are being delivered to you.  In the case of ”Non-apparent damages“  the carrier must be advised within seven (7) days of the receipt of the goods. Once you have signed for receipt of  merchandise, the goods become your responsibility.  Be alert and ask your staff to be too. Your order is being shipped to you in perfect condition.  We cannot be held responsible for breakage or other damages that occur while on its way to you.  
GOODS RETURN   Goods cannot be returned without an authorization from our office, LESS THAN 30 days following receipt of the goods. Once the goods have been inspected and the Credit approved, we reserve the right to deduct up to 25% on perfect condition products and 35% or more, on damaged or pre-priced items. In the case of unacceptable merchandise, you will be contacted. The merchandise can then be returned to you with your next order, or destroyed. As you wish.  
DELIVERY TIME   Orders are taken care of upon receipt and are sent within the shortest delay possible.   
PRICES   Our prices are subject to change without notice. We always offer the most Competitive prices.  However, should prices have to be changed “higher or lower” our sales representatives and our staff her at our sales department will be happy to give you information.