Les accessoires Hunter Brand: jouets, soins et accessoires animaux en ligne chat & chien

Our History

HUNTER BRAND was founded in 1863 and established itself in Montreal in 1934. 

Drawing on his experience as an employee of HUNTER BRAND, Paul Dardel decided to start his own company in 1947.  He was so successful that by 1949 he acquired HUNTER BRAND. He remained as owner and director until his death in 1978. 

His sons, Andre and Jean and Jean’s wife, Renée, already long-time administrators of the company carried on the tradition of quality and excellence. Stéphane and Denis, sons of Jean and Renée joined the team a few years later and have largely contributed to the growth and expansion of the company.

Paul Dardel would be very proud: his company has come a long way!

The Dardel family works with a wonderfully dynamic team that draws on the talent and energy of everyone to  ensure the success of the company and to offer matchless service to its customers.

Predominantly manufacturer of HUNTER leather and nylon products at the beginning of the company to becoming distributor of prestigious lines of products internationally known, we also import products under our own “HUNTER” label. Our complete line of accessories meets the needs of all specialized levels of our industry. Owner of a retail store, grooming salon, veterinary hospital, breeder or training school, you will find on our site everything you have been looking for. Our large selection of quality products is sure to please the Professional and the Consumer.

Customers at HUNTER BRAND can be sure of a wide selection of high-quality products, competitive prices and impeccable service. SERVING YOU is a privilege!